Product Range

Being the last Hobby and gaming store of its kind in the South west of Western Australia, We try and offer a gaming experience that you will struggle to find anywhere else.

The friendly staff are more then willing to help you out with tips on modelling, painting or basing. They know a great deal about the games that we sell, and other gaming systems on the market, making this a one stop information centre. If we don’t know about a game or system, we will find out about it and get back to you.

The Shop offers one of the largest selections of gaming systems under one roof outside of Perth, we do regular orders and try to get orders in as quickly as we can dependant on distribution stock levels its usually just over a week.

With a huge range of games workshop products including box sets, blisters their full paint range and hobby items. If we don’t have it in stock, we will order it in for you.

Demo games can be arranged if you would like to learn the system and there are a large number of well painted models around for viewing and checking out.




Privateer press games and products!!!

We stock a good selection of Warmachine & Hordes products, with weekly orders, paints and accessories, advice and a great hobby area to play in, what more could you ask for….

If we don’t have it, we will happily order it in on our next order.




IMG_0998 (Medium)IMG_0988 (Medium)With two complete paint ranges to choose from – Vallejo and citadel, we offer you a great selection and of paints, sprays and assorted hobby items. We also stock moulded bases for different scenic situations to help add themes to your armies with minimal time requirements. The results look great!!



We stock the Army Painter range of hobby sprays, basing, tools and glues to help you produce the best miniatures you. With tricks, tips and new items that help make your models look better come on down and check out the range.





IMG_0999 (Medium)Magic the gathering


Weiss Schwarz

Full range of cards, deck protectors, sleeves, playing mats, files, folders and much more…..

Come on down and check out our range!!











Protect your army…..As the only local retailer of battlefoam in Western Australia!!

we have a selection of the battle foam bags in stock and ready to protect your army from the rigours of transport from home to the club and back again.

Avoid the disappointment of damaged, scratch and broken models – Get your models in a protective bag!!


We have the largest range of up market board games available outside of Perth and offer a Sunday afternoon board game session to try out new games or play old favourites with friends and other club members.

With a Large range of ANIME and books, if we don’t have it, will happily order it in…..come on in and check out our collections.

This ties into our Friday night anime night were we play anime for your viewing pleasure.









With a large range of Role playing books, we offer you a good choice on this front – If we don’t have it, we will order it in for you. We also offer the option to jump into an RPG when positions are available and people are running the game.

How can you play your dice games without dice? We offer a great range of dice from sets to individual dice – choice the set that suits your army, game or mood!


Spartan Games…..

Dystopian wars – Alternative time line on earth with a great mix of armies from land to sea to air – all can be used in the game at the same time, giving you great options on how best to derive your decisive battle strategy.

Firestorm armada – Battle for control of known and unknown solar systems against a multitude of different races. Each race has its own technological secretes and masteries that make its fleet the scariest thing in the black void…..

Uncharted seas – If you love the old sailing ships and are integured by combat on the high seas, this is the game for you with a multitude of races and advantages that can be gleened, this is a great game system with 8 solid races and options.

All said and done – great game systems…



This is a great classic, having been around for year, with a very rich background and over 20 novels written about the universal. Multiple time line source books and huge amounts of detail on events and time line.

While not a regularly played game system – the back ground and game system are really solid.

With this system you can play anything from an RPG style gang making a living to a Lord protecting multiple planets from other system lords, pirates or raiders. One of the most interesting ways to play this game system is as a mercenaries unit for hire to the house lords that fight each other for control of planets.

The system allows the use of infantry, tanks, battlemechs (10m tall robots), fighters designed for space, drops ship (deliver troops) and million ton warships…..




Great skirmish battle system with reactive combat and unique dice based system, being built around a d20 system.

Many great models and well priced – you can get an army for under $100!!




We hold a nice selection of display swords, axes and stands. From your simple ornamental items to your high quality folded steel options, we can the item you want without the hassle – drop us a line if there is something special your after.








LARP weapons!!!     We have a great range of LARP weapons, made with a strong fiberglass core and surrounded by foam for protection. These weapons are great fun and can stand up to a good amount of punishment.

There are also versions that are available for children – covered with a lot more foam for protection, my children have had a great time hacking at each other in the back yard!!