Warmachine/Hordes G Cubed League

 warmahordes pic  





G Cubed League

Hey guys, as of Saturday (12/3) we will be starting our very own Warmachine/Hordes league!

All you need to do is play games! Oh and fill out a score sheet after each game, an example score sheet is pictured below:


Play Name/Faction





Scenario Win












Scenario Win = 4 Points

Assassination = 3 Points

Draw = 2 Points

Loss = 1 Point

The League ladder will be updated at the end of every month. This will also include any events or games days that are Warmachine/Hordes based.

We are hoping this will lead into regular events (with some much loved prize support) and tournaments through the future. However to do that we need you all to get involved and show your support!

Good luck and have fun!


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