G Cubed Venue

G Cubed started out with trestle tables with 6 x 4 foot and 4 x 4 foot boards placed on them, these tables were a little too short to be comfortable to play games on. Therefore for the comfort of local gamers, when we moved to the larger store, we had purpose built tables constructed.

The new store offers a huge area for local gamers to come, hang out and enjoy the hobby with other like minded people. The new tables are a huge 8 x 4 foot boards that stand about 92 cm high which seems to be a perfect height for playing games on, they are covered in themed, painted and nicely presented scenery provided by the shop and members to create a visually engaging battlefield.

Recently added to these are 3 tables roughly 72 cm high which are roughly 12*4 foot and an excellent height for sitting at to do hobby, play board games, card games or the most recent addition, online gaming using the local internet and LAN setup.

This is a friendly place to hang out or catch a game, we are always welcoming new gamers and offer a wide variety of options to keep yourself entertained.

Come check us out!!!