Vampire Counts Vargheists / Crypt Horrors

Vargheists are the darkness in a Vampire’s soul made manifest. They are towering winged humanoids, each several times the size of a man. Though the Vargheists were once noble Vampires, they have since devolved into ravening predatorsdesperate for the taste of blood. They prowl the battlefield in packs, ready to pounce upon the least sign of weakness and tear a hole in the enemy ranks with crimson claw and bloody fang. Vargheists are formidable fighters, for their raw fury and terrible hunger is undiminished by the control exerted over them by their cruel, vampiric masters.

The malformed monstrosities known as Crypt Horrors are, thankfully, a rare sight, though in times of open war their shambling forms can often be seen marching alongside the armies of the Ghoul Kings. Like all Ghouls they are created out of desperation – they are the lowest of the low (they don’t even have the decency to be properly dead), but no less deadly for it. Even a shallow wound from one of their filth-encrusted talons is enough to kill a man in seconds, his insides rotting and ruined by their vile touch.

Price: $79.00

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