Vampire Counts Black Knights / Hexwraiths

Black Knights come from a time many centuries ago, when barbarian tribes roamed what is now the Empire. Upon their death they were buried with their most prized possessions – their blade, their armour, and their steed. When Vampires come to the burial mound of a Black Knight, their innate magical aura re-awakens these corpse-warriors and they burst from their graves ready to do battle. So powerful is the bond between rider and mount that they can gallop straight through buildings as if they were not there, or charge across the surface of a lake without leaving so much as a ripple. Despite their insubstantial Undead nature, their blades are all too real and many a foe has died to their enchanted blades.

Hexwraiths are born in the very depths of the Underworld, their only goal to hunt down those who have cheated death. They share many similarities with Cairn Wraiths, and their scythe-like weapons are just as deadly (if not more-so). Because of their incorporeal forms, a Hexwraith can simply shimmer between worlds, their scythes re-materialising inside the bodies of their foes. Armour is no protection against these cackling Undead monstrosities – they will run down their victims swiftly and violently and claim their souls for the afterlife.

Price: $50.00

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