Tomb Kings Necropolis Knights / Sepulchral Stalkers

Necropolis Knights are elite warriors who ride atop giant snake-shaped statues. They are tethered to their mounts by a sharp hook, held firm in one mummified hand as the other wields a heavy spear that carves through mortal flesh. Their monstrous mounts shatter bone with every swipe of their tails and sink scimitar-sized fangs into soft flesh.

Sepulchral Stalkers lie in wait beneath the desert sands, waiting for intruders to pass by before launching a devastating ambush. When the trap is sprung, several horrifying, snake-like forms burst from the ground to surround their prey. The Sepulchral Stalkers impale their foes on ornate staves before they even realise they are under attack. Their reputation, however, is made even more fearsome by their unnatural gaze, which can turn a foe into a pillar of sand with but a single glance.

Price: $91.00

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