Tomb Kings Khemrian Warsphinx/Necrosphinx

Khemrian Warsphinxes are giant leonine statues that wade through the ranks of their foes, crushing them underfoot as if they were nothing more than bothersome insects. They are almost impervious to harm and their stone-hard hides protect them from all but the truest strikes; anything less than a direct hit from a war machine is likely to glance harmlessly away. They are terrifying foes to face, and enemies that do not flee before them are swatted aside by stone claws or torn apart by fanged jaws. However, this is just a fraction of their full destructive power. With unstoppable force, the Warsphinx can crash down upon enemy units, pulping bones and splintering organs. For those caught beneath this titanic creature there is little hope of survival.

The Necrosphinx is a nightmare beast of destruction that glides through the air in bounding leaps before falling amongst their terrified prey, scything down the living as mortals reap the wheat of the field. Only when all before them have been butchered will they stop. Enemy warriors are easy prey to these bizarre Undead constructs and even mighty monsters will find themselves struggling for survival. The Necrosphinx is truly the king of brutal, unending carnage.

Price: $83.00

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