Prince Apophas

Prince Apophas was condemned to death after murdering the entire royal family of Numas. For such a heinous crime, he was entombed alive within a sarcophagus filled with flesh-eating scarabs. Upon his inevitable death, Apophas’ soul was claimed by Usirian, god of the Underworld, to be tormented in perpetuity for his crimes. Apophas now roams the desert, searching for a soul to give to Usirian in exchange for his own. To this end, he will often appear in the midst of battle, tasked with the execution of an enemy hero. No matter how hard his enemies swipe and hack at his horrifying form, the scarabs that make up his body will flow over open wounds and re-grow lost limbs. Apohas is utterly implacable, and he will not stop until his victim lies dead by his hand.

Price: $28.00

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