Skrag the Slaughterer

Skrag the Slaughterer is the legendary Prophet of the Great Maw, also known as the Gore-Harvester and the Maw-that-Walks. Once the head Slaughtermaster of the Arch-Tyrant Bron Rockgrinder, Skrag fell from grace and was thrown into the caverns beneath the mountains, his body beaten and broken, his hands severed. Despite ravenous Gorgers and monstrous creatures, Skrag survived and dragged himself from the under-caverns to seek his revenge. Now, his place in Ogre society secure, Skrag has become the most terrifying Prophet of the Great Maw. Dragging his massive meat-pot behind him – attached to his back with a series of painful, tearing hooks and chains – Skrag hacks and rips at his enemies in a glorious blood-fuelled dedication to the Great Maw. In his wake, he leaves a trail of dismembered limbs and body parts, which it is the duty of his Gore-Gnoblars to retrieve and deposit into his cauldron.

Price: $96.00

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