Ogre Kingdoms Yhetees

Yhetees inhabit the very highest mountain ranges, living amongst the towering peaks of the Ancient Giant Holds. There, high above the world, the Yhetees survive by preying on the beast herds of the highlands. It is not uncommon for an Ogre tribe to include some Yhetees amongst its ranks. How or why the Yhetees are convinced to fight alongside the Ogres is a subject of much speculation. Some scholars suspect that they are a remote offshoot of the Ogre species. Others theorise that the Yhetees owe the Ogre Kingdoms a great debt and that they fight for ancestral honour. Or maybe (more likely) it’s the promise of tasty mortal flesh. Because of their incredible speed, Ogre Tyrants will often use Yhetees in a similar role to the cavalry of other races – delivering swift attacks to the weak points in the enemy battleline.

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