Ogre Kingdoms Thundertusk/Stonehorn

Stonehorns are massive beasts of muscle and violence, each several times the size of a Rhinox. Each Stonehorn is quite literally a living fossil, its skeleton hardened by the same rock as the mountains where it makes its home. It is said that a Stonehorn will take any opportunity to headbutt something to death and trample its corpse into paste. Such is its colossal mass that the impact of its charge is like a boulder plummeting from a mountaintop, a deadly combination of weight, momentum and a bad temper. A Stonehorn’s first instinct is to charge any creature that comes into view, and its rider is almost powerless to stop it from pulverising anything in its path. But then, why would they want to?

Thundertusks are creatures of ice and doom, ancient monsters that strode the darkest ages long ago, when the world was frozen over. In battle, Thundertusks are used to blast the foe with ranged attacks and to lend support to the main Ogre battle line. Towering high above the heads of all but the tallest combatants, the Thundertusk and its crew unleash a hail of fire even as they advance upon the foe. A Thundertusk will often aim to crash into the enemy lines at the same time as the bulk of the Ogre attack, supporting their bones-crunching charge with its own chilling aura of frozen doom.

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