Ogre Kingdoms Ogres

Big, brutish and extremely violent, an Ogre stands over ten feet tall and is almost half as wide at the gut. His massively body is crowned by a snarling, bestial head, with very little in the way of a neck to divide the two. His powerful arms are as thick as a man’s chest, and are capable of smashing through the walls of a house. A typical Ogre will arm himself with a crude club or an ironfist – essentially a spiked gauntlet – with which to smash his foes apart. Truth be told, the club is not entirely necessary, an Ogre could easy punch or kick his enemies apart with relative ease, the club just gives him a little extra reach and the swooshing noise it makes is pleasing on the ears. When the Ogres march to war, they will often group together in local clans or families, which are lead by the largest and most intimidating amongst them – the Crusher. Once this regiment (a term used by other races, but certainly not a common Ogre word) starts to move it will quickly pick up momentum. Such tremendous force is virtually unstoppable once it’s moving and only the bravest, or most foolhardy, would ever stand before such a dangerous, bellowing unit of destruction.

Price: $60.00

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