Ogre Kingdoms Hunter

Hunters are amongst the most massive and independent of their kind, and think nothing of climbing to the peak of a mountain whilst tracking a wounded great mammoth or bull Rhinox. An Ogre becomes a Hunter either by temporarily severing his ties to his tribe to sate his wanderlust, or by being exiled to the harsh white wilderness of the mountain for some slight to his fellow Ogres. Either way, these ties are not completely severed, and a Hunter that excels at his solitary lifestyle will drag an impressive kill or two back to the caves on important feast days. They are generally covered in a network of scars and tattoos, overlaid by the thick pelts of his prey as protection from the arctic conditions of the Mountains of Mourn. He decorates himself with the tusks, claws, fangs and skulls of the cave-beasts he has single-handedly killed and eaten. In battle, these massive, aggressive, and relatively smart (by Ogre standards) warriors will often carry a gigantic crossbow with which to hunt down their intended prey and a large spear to skewer them in preparation for the evening meal.

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