Ogre Kingdom Gorger

When a scrawny Ogre is born, the tribe does not suffer the weakling to live. Those born with gangly limbs or without the Ogre’s signature paunch are given over to a Butcher who takes them to the deepest cave near the campsite and chucks them inside before casually sealing the entrance with a huge boulder. Few of these stunted Ogres survive, but those that do are truly the most depraved, insane and desperate creatures in the Warhammer world, for they have survived where all others would surely perish. When these degenerate eating machines finally return to the surface they will fall upon anything and everything that gets in their path. With a profusion of razor-sharp teeth and scything claws, a Gorger attacks with a savage ferocity that frequently lops of heads and limbs, splattering gore and viscera in wide arcs.

Price: $41.00


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