Ogre Kingdom Gnoblar Trappers

Gnoblars Trappers are the most outgoing and intrepid of their diminutive race and they like nothing more than to capture and torture other small creatures. In times of war they will march alongside their Gnoblar brethren, their pockets and pouches full of nasty surprises for their intended victims. An enemy regiment, thinking the Gnoblars easier targets than the nearby Ogres, will gladly charge the bickering greenskins, only to find themselves caught in savage mantraps, tripped up by hidden wires and their heads engulfed by swarms of angry bees. This is all entirely hilarious to the Gnoblar Fighters, who pelt the enemy with sharp stuff as they stumble about in confusion. The trappers, meanwhile, are already busy planning a few more surprises…

Price: $33.00



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