Greasus Goldtooth

Greasus Goldtooth, or to give him his full title – Tradelord Greasus Tribestealer Drakecrush Hoardmaster Goldtooth the Shockingly Obese, was one of many whelps sired by the infamous Golf, Tyrant of the Vale of Titans. Like his brothers, Greasus grew up to become strong and fat. Unlike his brothers, he subsequently killed and ate his own father. After assuming the Tyranthood of the tribe, and, feeling the need to prove himself, Greasus quickly pounded every nearby tribe into submission, claiming lordship over every neighbouring kingdom. Nowadays, Greasus is so rich and powerful that he barely needs to kill anything to assert his authority any more, preferring to recline on a bed of Gnoblars and eat his way through a variety of large animals instead. When battle calls, however, Greasus will galvanise his Gnoblars into action and march to war, the Sceptre of the Titans held high above his head, ready to descend upon all those who stand in his path.


Price: $96.00


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