Golgfag Maneater

More tales are told about Golgfag than any other Ogre alive, and Golgfag himself spins a great many of them. Though he exaggerates with wild abandon, Golgfag is still the most successful of all Ogre mercenary captains. He has won countless battles, looted upon the sacred island of Ulthuan, set eyes upon Skavenblight and survived, guzzled more kegs of Bugman’s XXXXXX than most Dwarfs have ever seen, and been personally decorated by Emperor Karl Franz. All in all, he’s doing pretty well for himself and over the course of his adventures Golgfag has won and lost more fortunes than there are Gnoblars in the hills. He may never become a great leader due to his wanderlust, but at least he has plenty of loot, and that’s what really matters.

Price: $61.00

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