Bragg the Gutsman

Ogres are a battle-hardened and fearless race, but there walks one amongst their number who is held in dread. Even veterans of a thousand battles feel corpulent shivers at the very name of this killer amongst killers, this shadowy figure that deals out the most gruesome kind of death imaginable. He is the champion executioner of Ogrekind, a slayer of kings and heroes. To see him on the field of battle is to see death itself at work. He is Bragg the Gutsman and none he has marked for slaughter have ever survived. Armed with the fearsome Great Gutgouger, a massive poleaxe, Bragg has an affinity for striking just the right point on his foe to cause maximum damage. Most of the time this will result in a clean, well-aimed decapitation, though sometimes Bragg prefers a messy disembowelment or occasionally an extravagant dismembering. It all depends what mood he’s in at the time.

Price: $61.00


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