Dark Elf War Hydra

The War Hyrda is a titanic monster, bred especially for their enormous size and ferocious temperament. Fearsome beasts with thick scales, they have many serpentine heads that belch smoke and fire. Used by the Dark Elves to break the lines of enemy troops, they can tear apart men with their sharp fangs or coil their necks about the bodies of their victims and crush the life out of them. They can even, when the need arises, spew a searing gout of flame across nearby regiments. The carnage caused by this attack alone has turned the course of many a battle. While this may seem like a terrifying monster to deal with in the first place, the War Hydra is also famed the world over for its legendary resilience. As one head is chopped off, another grows back in its place. When its tough hide is punctured or cut, the wound simply heals over. It takes far more than a lucky round of combat to kill a War Hydra.

Price: $102.00

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