Dark Eldar Dreadlord on Dragon

Dragons are an incredibly ancient race whose forefathers lived many thousands of years before even the Elves set foot in the Old World. Although few in number, Dragons are still creatures of vast power and when they are roused from their slumber they are capable of slaughtering entire armies with wickedly sharp claws, horns and fangs. The Black Dragons are, without exception, foul-tempered and aggressive creatures. Flying low over the battlefield, a Black Dragon can launch plumes of noxious gas from its maw, leaving their foes gasping for breath, their lungs ruined and their skin burnt by corrosive acids. The riders of these gigantic beasts, the Dreadlords and Sorceresses of Naggaroth, take great pleasure in the carnage that their mounts cause and will gladly steer them into the most brutal and bloody combats so that they can join in the wholesale slaughter of their enemies.

Price: $83.00

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