Jabberslythes are amongst the most ancient and foul of all the creatures of the deep forest. They are truly repugnant to look upon, having such grotesque and twisted features that even the clearest pools of water will not offer up their reflection. A sickening fusion of toad, sludge-drake, and many-limbed insect, the Jabberslythe encompasses all that is unwholesome and vile about nature and magnifies it a hundredfold. There is something so unearthly about these beasts that even to set eyes upon one is to go immediately and permanently insane. Bray-Shamans, to preserve the sanity of their herd, will quickly encourage the Jabberslythe to fly towards the enemy, where its horrific appearance will cause the most disruption. If its enemies don’t die of shock, fright or madness, they’ll almost certainly be torn apart by the Jabberslythe’s slavering jaws.


Price: $102.00


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