Beastmen Ghorgon/Cygor

The Ghorgon is a many-limbed, ox-headed slaughterer, possessed of an urgent need to devour and destroy anything it can catch – the meatier the better. It’s believed that they were once Minotaurs, but years of gluttony and the consumption of tainted flesh has led to their rapid growth and extreme mutation. They will typically have four arms, two of which end in bony blades, which they use to carve up their prey; and the other two in grasping hands to help shovel food into their gaping maw. Those brave enough to stand their ground against such a violent beast will find themselves fighting a blood-crazed nightmare, as the Ghorgon smashes, stamps and chews its way through everything in its path.

Cygors are distant cousins of the Minotaurs, but they have diverged significantly from their kin. Where once they could see the mortal world with two eyes, they can now only see the swirling Winds of Chaos with one. Assailed by such visions since birth, Cygors are all quite mad. While this lack of vision may seem utterly limiting, the Chaos Gods saw fit to gift the Cygor with a rather more useful ability – Ghostsight. While most creatures can easily escape the lumbering Cygor, those with magical powers shine like a beacon in the Cygor’s mind, making them very easy (and very tasty) prey. Few things can stop a Cygor once it’s chosen its target.


Price: $90.00


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