Big Mek with Shock Attack Gun

Mekboyz are responsible for inventing, building and maintaining the machinery and weaponry that the Orks use. They are obsessed with creating ever larger and more devastating war machines to unleash upon the foe. The Shokk Attack Gun is one such creation.

To the casual observer the weapon is little more than a pile of junk, welded, strapped and bolted together with whirling gubbinz that fly round and round. The truth (aside from the fact that it does resemble a pile of junk) is that it has the potential to open a warp rift that can suck anything it’s aimed at into oblivion. Whether that was the intention of the Mek when he created the weapon is doubtful as aside from this, the gun can produce an interesting and diverse array of effects that surprise and delight nearby greenskins and dismay their enemies.


Price: $62.00


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