Featured Item – Deathwatch Overkill Board Game

The latest board game from Games Workshop, Deathwatch Overkill is loaded up with models. As well as the full rules, game tiles and cards needed to play the game. Every thing you need to play is in this box!

Model wise the box includes 10 individualised Deathwatch Space Marines and an exclusive Space Marine Chaplain. Most exciting is the new Genestealer Cultist models. You get 28 Genestealer Hybrid models, 2 Purestrain Genestealer models, 4 Genestealer Aberrants and a Genestealer Cult Patriarch.

Rules for the Genestealer Cult models use in regular Warhammer 40,000 are also available












  1. Hey! I noticed last year you had a sale on metal blisers.

    Any chance you have some questing knight blisters still hanging around ? I’m looking for 4 questing knights that you could only get in blisters.

    Let me know


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