Arkham Horror: Kingsport Horror Expansion

Return once more to H.P. Lovecraft’s vision of New England, this time to explore the dream-haunted shores of misty Kingsport, a city where the dimensional barriers are at their thinnest. This place also has powerful guardians, so perhaps the investigators will find someone — or something — willing to help them in their battle against the Ancient One.

•The town of Kingsport, on a new board with new rules and locations
•8 new investigators with powerful new abilities
•4 new Ancient Ones to struggle futilely against
•New protective elements in the form of Guardians
•2 new Herald sheets
•20 new monster markers, over 300 new cards, and the deadly Epic Battle cards!

ISBN 9781589943704
Mini American Board Game Sleeves x3
Standard American Board Game Sleeves x5

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