Ticket to Ride: The Dice Expansion

Roll your way to victory aboard this fun-filled expansion, compatible with any board map of Ticket to Ride!

In this expansion, players still attempt to complete their Destination Tickets and claim routes and block each other on the map. But rather than draw and collect Train cards, they roll five custom Train dice each turn.

Depending on the outcome they can reroll some or all, then use the dice to claim routes on the board; grab Route Tokens for future use; or draw more Destination Tickets.

For board maps that feature Tunnel routes, such as Ticket to Ride Europe, 3 Tunnel dice are also included.

This expansion requires trains, Destination Tickets and a board map from any of the Ticket to Ride series.

The Dice Game Expansion is multi-lingual with rules in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Finnish, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.

“During a game night a friend jokingly suggested I design a Ticket to Ride dice game. Of course, I laughed along with everyone else, but secretly thought ‘Why Not?’. I immediately started thinking about a dice game that retained the overall flavor of Ticket to Ride while creating a different playing experience. The result is a game that will probably surprise many people, as the Dice Expansion is shorter but just as tense, and maybe even more fun than the original!” <> — Alan R. Moon

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