Battle Reports

Apocalypse for everyone!!

The valiant space marines trying to hold the repair facility from the Tyranid horde. the massive Bio-titan at the top of the picture and Scythed Hierodule accounted for many units and nothing seemed to be able to stop them. The marine line started to fold under this wave of deadly Xeno. In the end, the mighty space marines held the day, but if the attack continued for another round, things would have looked very grim for the defenders…….That Bio Titan was looking unstoppable, having been kept away from battle for too long, it hungered for this battle and it showed.





On this side, the might grey knights allied with orcs and eldar to hold off a huge assault of super heavy vehicles including the massive mouse battletank and an advance force of tau warriors. The forces were taken out that were guarding the HQ directly, deignedthe defenders what would have been very helpful orbital bombardments……..In the end, the defenders deigned the HQ to the attackers, but didn’t have any troops on the objective and unfortunately failed to hold the objective.





Here, the imperial guard and the Eldar managed t hold off a strong attack by dark eldar raiders and ravagers, an impressive reaver titan, its friend the keeper of secrets and several super heavy units. They faced off against a warhound from the imperial fist, several eldar super heavies and an assortment of fliers.

The battle see sawed as chaos took an upper hand, than the defenders fought back – in the end, the defensive line was not broken and the alliance held firm.




This game ended in a win for the defenders as they managed to hold on for just long enough to keep 2 of the 3 objectives.

A valiant effort by the hordes attacking as given one more round and they would have been in a very strong position – the two remaining objectives not in their grasp would have been well within their reach.

To all the commanders that came and participated – well done!! It was a great night that everyone enjoyed……

And yes, we will be planning another in about 4 to 6 weeks, so keep an eye out!