G Cubed

G Cubed, in Bunbury, is the largest gaming and hobby store in the South West of Western Australia and its gaming community is constantly growing. We offer a wide variety of games and hobbies that are suitable across all ages.

The store has 10 Gaming tables in its club area filled with painted and themed terrain. These tables stand at a very comfortable height and were custom made for this purpose to help you the player enjoy your gaming more.















*  Every Wednesday night those tables are filled with people playing games, by far the most popular game played is Warhammer 40,000. But this is by no means the least of the games played.

*  We have a strong contingent of players for these game systems: Warhammer Fantasy, Warmachine and Hordes. We also have Spartan games – uncharted seas, Firestorm armada & Dystopian wars, infinity and battletech enthusiasts more then willing to break out their armies for a game.

* Thanks to the fantastic efforts of certain members of the community we now have more gaming tables than we need, all fully packed with well crafted terrain, suitable for a variety of game systems. Thanks heaps guys.





















*  For those of you more suited to card games, we have a very good crowd of Magic the gathering players which get together every Wednesday/Friday night and have just recently started running pre release nights for magic releases. Vanguard, a new card game on the scene has also been popular here and we have just started getting Yugioh games happening. We have also recently added Pokémon cards to our stock range.

*  RPG – although it could be considered a slowly dying game, the RPG is still strong down here at G Cubed. We currently have pathfinder and shadow run games on the go, with other systems like dark heresy, traveller and Dungeons and dragons all getting a run at different times.

*  Our club has regular event and a team of dedicated people helping to run these events. We strive to offer great fun events which will entertain and challenge the people involved. When we receive feedback, we are happy to change or create themed events to suit what people are asking for. We have held 40k events which have counted towards the Ultimate’s qualifier in Perth and do regular apocalypse games, tournaments, gaming leagues and campaigns.

*  If your in the local area and are looking for a good gaming community, I invite you to come on down and check us out.